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Coque - People Let's Communicate

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Coque Band and Show aka Coque Inc. was originally named "Creative Experience", and as such, they performed as part of DC’s Showmobile program. Graduating to the recording studio during the mid 1970s, the band cut their expertly woven social commentary, “People Let’s Communicate”, which they released themselves on the closely held “Coque” label. Drawing heavy influence from genre bending powerhouses like Funkadelic, they craft a veritable opus by moving from a break-beat laden intro to smooth sailing verses, cycling up to a wild guitar-infused part one crescendo, taking a breather, then finishing at full power. It’s a truly magnificent ride. Unfortunately, copies were never publically distributed although a few made it to local radio stations for promotional purposes. The bulk of the pressings sat idle within the home of one of the members where they were eventually destroyed by a flood. The only remaining copies were tracked down 10 years ago along with brothers Mark and Eddie Brooks, band founders and core members. This reissue is the first time the single has ever hit the open market and is a must for any fan of socially conscious funk or funk- rock with a beautiful twist.

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