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Cytations - Darling You Do/Suddenly

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George W. Jones, Jr. was a jack-of- all-trades. In addition to singing lead for “The Cytations” (aka The Citations), George played trumpet, keys, and trombone. He was also the driving force behind the financing of their second single, “Darling You Do” b/w “Suddenly”, which he released on his own imprint, Granjun, during the spring of 1969. Jones and troupe were short on cash at the time, hence the single’s sub-par mixing and recording work. Despite that handicap, Jones’ incredible compositions stand above the pack. “Darling You Do” would fit perfectly in any soul DJ’s collection whether they lean on northern or crossover, and “Suddenly” delivers a top tier dose of ghostly beauty that most ballad collectors would gladly trade their car for. Well, not just ballad collectors – apparently the rap community felt the same way as it was sampled for A$AP Rocky’s “Suddenly”, as featured on the 2013 album “Long.Live.A$AP”.

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