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Starr - She's So Fine

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s Starr were once an enigmatic figure in collector’s circles. “She’s So Fine” has racked up over a million plays on YouTube, but copies of the 45 and 12” version almost never surface. The known discography was surprisingly sparse for an entity who delivered such an undeniably killer track. Surely there had to be more. Was Starr a studio concoction: the work of an enterprising producer and some hired help? Perhaps Starr was sent from above to bless us earthlings with sublime electro-funk grooves to keep dance floors moving?

The truth is, in his own words, that “anyone can be a Starr!” Starr got his start as a young whiz kid playing in the internationally known Chill Fac-Torr. Despite overseas chart success and a contract with Philly World, the band never made it too far. Infighting and a lack of professional discipline among the band pushed Starr out of the group, and he set out on his own.

With killer musical chops, a great voice and an unmatched creative drive, Starr set out to follow in the footsteps of a fellow musical wunderkind from Minneapolis and create his own musical universe. The problem is, life got in the way. Starr recorded night and day, flexing his writing muscles in a number of different styles, working with other Pennsylvania artists to achieve their visions. He produced some very sparsely distributed cassettes and 45s for his own imprint, but he also had a family and bills to pay. The label took a backseat and his musical career was put on ice, but his desire to create never left him. 

We are proud to present the first in our series of Starr releases, the classic “She’s So Fine” 12” mix on a handy 45. Remastered from the original reels, hear it like you’ve never heard it before. Sure to set the dance floor ablaze.

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